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Bienvenue à Tahiti VIP Tours

  • Description de l’activité Teiva transports en anglais
    A “High-end” delivery dedicated to individuals & companies
    Offers car rental with a driver on the island of TahitiMinibus in private up to 8 people
    TEIVA transport is:
    • Transfer airport / hotels / city
    • • Provision with driver
    • • Long-term rental with driver
    • • Relaxation (Shopping, events,…)
    • • Professional and personal travel
    • • City tour
    • • Island Tour / guided tour
    • • Day and night events
    • . Boat ride
    The choice of a car with professional driver to deal effectively with any operation quality.
    Available 7/7 by internet and telephone.
    Experienced driver, accustomed to the codes of the tourist transport and mastering perfect English.
    Special services. Our driver will take you in the greatest comfort and refinement on your outings, (wedding, anniversary, disco, restaurant, bar…) and remains at your disposal to lead and advise you.
    We also offer a package including the island tour with lunch and a boat ride on the lagoon.
    We can also schedule you for an evening tasting of the best wine, local alcohol and cigars with our best supplier on the island.
    Boat ride
    For a ride on the lagoon, visit to the island by boat, transfer, sunset with tasting and cocktail (champagne at an additional cost), snorkeling are available in “speed boat” for 2-4 person boat set up to 8 and a large double canoe, which can carry up to 35 peoples.

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